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Monday, July 20, 2009


The best way to fix a "broken butt" sit on it, smoke cigs and don't forget to smile!
It looks as if she has spruced up her hustle with a bit of ribbon....nice touch BETTY.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can I Get @ Some Of Yer Biscuits

On a Saturday morning your likely to find a crew of us sitting down for late night shenanigans @ Drake's Diner 125 east 10th ...... Jimbo is a fan of the Drakes Mountain with a side of french toast. If you don't know about the mountain let me elaborate..... You start out with either 2 or 4 sliders, a heap of french fries, then you smother those fries in Don's own country style chili, then he throws a hand full of shredded cheeses on there and tops it off with fried egg. DAMN!  I on the other hand fancy a tall glass of chocolate milk and a plate of chicken n biscuits.  Just take a gander because that right there is food with soul and @ 230 am there's nothing worse for ya.

Double Parked?

 Save a little Gas, save a few quarters.... that's the name of their game! That is until some Johnson County Soccer Mom is turned around yelling at her special little drops of joy and runs you over in her Lexus luxury tank. Smart Car........?