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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can I Get @ Some Of Yer Biscuits

On a Saturday morning your likely to find a crew of us sitting down for late night shenanigans @ Drake's Diner 125 east 10th ...... Jimbo is a fan of the Drakes Mountain with a side of french toast. If you don't know about the mountain let me elaborate..... You start out with either 2 or 4 sliders, a heap of french fries, then you smother those fries in Don's own country style chili, then he throws a hand full of shredded cheeses on there and tops it off with fried egg. DAMN!  I on the other hand fancy a tall glass of chocolate milk and a plate of chicken n biscuits.  Just take a gander because that right there is food with soul and @ 230 am there's nothing worse for ya.

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